The Best Handguns Available for Women


It is desirable for women to take matters of their security with the weight they deserve. It is a matter to be prioritized as statistics show that women are the solid candidates for violent crime at any point in their lifetimes. Consequently, when a woman’s self-defense is likely to be settled, the most prudent action to take is to defend herself. In that respect, it is necessary for women to have the necessary arms handy in case of threats to their safety.

Firearms for women’s self-defense

Firearms are the most effective arms, but they come with a great deal of training on proper usage. The practice involves not only ways of primary use of the several firearms, but also specialized instruction on how to use them for self-defense. The most common firearm to women is the handgun. The decision between a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol will be based on the specific needs, physical needs as well as one’s likes and dislikes. They both have their negatives and positives.

Revolvers and Semi-autos

“The revolver is the simplest and most reliable” (Pros).

A revolver is the simplest and most reliable of the handguns. The firing process will be straightforward, and nothing wrong is likely to happen. It is the best choice for women defense, especially for the beginners. The revolver does not require that meticulous cleaning due to its simplicity, although guns need thorough and regular cleaning. Women are always advised to start with the revolver and then graduate to the semi-automatic pistols, though critics argue that this advice is somewhat chauvinistic. Revolvers also have a long and hard trigger which is hard to fire accidentally. This acts as a safety feature.

“The revolver is heavier and bulkier” (Cons).

On the dark side of the revolver, it is heavier and bulkier than the pistol. This is a feature which will put off many women who have a natural liking for anything which will be easy to carry around. It also holds fewer rounds than the pistol. This can be suicidal if the victim happens to misfire severally. Its safety feature, the hard trigger, can also work against the user since it won’t be easy to shoot, especially when in fright.

“The semi-automatic pistols are compact and slimmer shape” (Pros).

The semi-automatic pistols have a magazine which can hold a more significant number of rounds. Unlike the revolver, they have an easy to pull a trigger and therefore it won’t be a failure when shooting in fright. It also has a more compact and slimmer shape, and they can fire multiple rounds quickly.

“The semi-automatic pistols call for a greater deal of training on proper use” (Cons).

Semi-automatic pistols require regular and thorough cleaning if proper functioning is anything to go by. They are also not as simple as the revolver, and therefore it calls for a more significant deal of training on appropriate use. Although it can execute multiple shots, their semi-automatic action is dependent on the first round firing successfully, so the next round is fed into the chamber. This may result in cases of misfiring.

The best models for women’s self-defense

The best handguns for women are rules that are light in weight, yet extremely powerful. These guns provide an accurate weapon that is easy to shoot. They are short enough for anyone to handle and are incredibly precise. Women are sure to benefit when they try some of the following guns for their use.


Although revolvers hold fewer rounds and are wider than the semi-autos and therefore not easy to conceal, they have a brighter side in that they require less maintenance, they are easier to clean, and they hold a slim likelihood of jamming when shooting. The best revolver brands today are the Smith & Wesson and the Ruger in that order although we also have the Taurus, Charter Arms, and Rossi.

The Smith & Wesson model 60 .357 Magnum is an all-steel .357 Magnum version of the Smith & Wesson’s pocket-sized ‘J’ frame revolver. Unlike Model 36, it is not a deep conceal but it has a diminutive exposed hammer, a 3” barrel, a narrow smooth trigger and adjustable sights. It has a heavy double-action trigger (12 pounds), but this is dissolved by the smoothness of the trigger.

The Ruger new model single six is a single-action rim-fire revolver which is an improvement over the traditional Ruger single six. It is a traditional-looking western style revolver, but it has a modernized mechanism. It has an enhanced transfer mechanism as a safety measure which enables one to carry the gun even when all the six chambers are loaded. The transfer bar allows the gun to shoot only when the trigger has been pulled. Both stainless and blued steel versions are available, and the model is chambered in .17HMR, .22LR and .22 WMR.

Ruger Single Six

Semi-automatic pistols

Semi-automatic short-guns are extremely favored by shooters and women can take advantage of their more rounds and conceal carry. The best pistol for particular defense is very personal in the sense that people will always have the varied interest in the specifications of the different pistols on offer. Nevertheless, the most popular kinds of the semi-autos are the Glock and Beretta.

When resolving all the critical issues favorably, the Glock 19 is a good compromise. It has a size which is easily concealable but big enough to shoot on a 20-25 yard range. Although it has been faulted for lack of an external safety feature, it is relatively safe when the user has undergone requisite training on handling and use. It is highly reliable and easy to clean.

Glock 19

Beretta guns are gas operated, and they are all based on the 391 action. They relish the combination of good looks and reliability. They have a cross-bolt safety in front of the trigger which is easier to use than when it is behind the trigger. Some of their models include the Beretta BU9 Nano 9X19 Parabellum and the Beretta 3032 Tomcat.

In conclusion, the best handguns for women’s self-defense are the revolvers and the semi-automatic pistols, but different stores have various models on offer. Therefore, women have countless options on the handgun which will surely secure their safety. No matter the arm selected, it is essential to get proper training and practice on proper handling of the firearm and proper administration and maintenance.

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