The Top 3 Self-Defense Products For Women

Women are always viewed as the weaker gender and have been the primary target of violent attacks such as rape, assault, and robbery. Like women in general, we do not need to feel helpless. It is time to protect ourselves from these violent acts and learn self-defense for women. These are essentially tactical tips that could help save a life.

Self-defense for women is not just about learning karate, martial arts or any other physical form of fighting. There are also self-defense products that are created for women’s safety. You may want to buy one for yourself and make sure that you carry it around with you.

Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays can irritate the eyes which causes pain and temporary loss of vision this can also result in difficulty in breathing. Pepper sprays come in different shapes and sizes, the more compact it is, the better. There are sprays that can attach to your keychain. Some are in the form of lipstick or cellphone which can surprise the attacker.

How to Use It: You have to make sure that your pepper spray is in a convenient place like your jeans or the pocket of your jacket. Make sure you can easily fish it out of your purse as well. Make sure that you do not stick out your shooting hand since the attacker will be aware of your next move and can grab your spray.

Always target the face and eye region of your attacker. When you spray, you have to do it continuously for 2-3 seconds while backing away. Make sure that you keep your eyes open. The reaction of the pepper spray will take effect in a few seconds; make sure you continue to spray on the target areas until your attacker is disabled. Once this happens, run as fast as you can and farther from your attacker and report this incident to the authorities.

TaserStun Gun / Taser

This non-lethal device can send electroshocks to your attacker which can disable them. These devices come in various sizes and shapes as well. There are stun guns and Tasers that look like mobile phones. When your stun gun or Taser looks like a separate item, the attacker will be caught off guard. These devices also work up to 15 feet away.

How to Use It: Make sure that you know which parts of the body are more receptive to stun guns and Tasers. When you use these devices always get sure that the safety switch of this invention is on and choose the high voltage settings.

Stun guns work when touched to any body part but work better when aimed at neck, underarm, groin, and upper shoulders. You have to hold the stun gun against your attacker for 3-5 seconds or more if he is still following you.

Tasers work even when you are 15 feet away from the attacker. You should also target the same areas that are receptive to the stun gun, but any other area will also work.

Personal Alarm

This alarm is similar to car alarms and security alarms at home. This will send out a loud, shrill noise that can make offenders turn away. You can also call for help or alert another person to this alarm. This type of alarm also comes in different shapes and sizes. Most are disguised as critical chains which can fool the attacker. You can also find signals that are combined with a flashlight or pepper spray.

How to Use It: A personal alarm will have a button which you can press and can send out a loud, shrill noise. Some warnings will also have flashing lights when activated. A personal alarm is very convenient and can be used by anyone regardless of their age. The self-defense items such as stun gun, Taser and pepper spray are only sold to adults.

These are just a few self-defense products for women. If you purchase any of these self-defense products, make sure you learn how to use them in the event you seriously need to use it on someone.

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